Welcome to United3D Happiness!

Welcome to United3D, the flagship of our new Community of Communities. Listen to music from our Streaming Audio. Play Bingo and many other great games at BBS Games. Try your luck with our daily Pick 3/Pick 4 LOTTO; it's free to play. Make sure to explore our other platform in our ever growing Community of Communities, e.g., Active3DWorlds.com running on ActiveWorlds Galaxy Server software, 3DHappiness.com running Blaxxun Platform 5.1, and coming soon an Open Wonderland Java based platform, and OpenSim running a second Life like server! Most importantly, ENJOY and have fun!
Welcome to United3D.com, one of the several Communities in our Community of Communities! We are constantly enhancing and growing our communities so check back often! As of today we have the following online, interactive, multi-user communities:
  • United3D.com - Blaxxun Platform 7 multi-user 3D Community platform. While this platform can be enjoyed using just HTML without any client, to enjoy it in ALL its splendor and 3D wonders, you need to install the client. It is a free download, easy install, and integrates into Internet Explorer (Version 6 or higher) or FireFox. To download this client go to this link: United3D Client.
  • Active3DWorlds.com - Active Worlds multi-user Galaxy 3D Community platform. Just install the client Active3DWorlds Client. This platform is much like Second Life with beautiful graphics and content galore! Hundreds of Avatars are freely available. And like ALL of our communities - it is TOTALLY FREE!
  • 3DHappiness.com - Blaxxun Platform 5.1 multi-user 3D Community platform. While this platform can be enjoyed using just HTML without any client, to enjoy it in ALL its splendor and 3D wonders, you need to install the client (note, the same client is used for both United3D and 3DHappiness so you only need to install it once). It is a free download, easy install, and integrates into Internet Explorer (Version 6 or higher) or FireFox. To download this client go to this link: 3DHappiness Client.
  • PCPursuits.com - Santronic's WINServer Bulletin Board Service (BBS) aka Wildcat!. This is the most popular and oldest BBS online today! The BBS is integrated directly into both United3D and 3DHappiness with an automatic logon being a click away! It provides Many multi-user games, forums, and many other online content!

Here at United3D you are about to enter an interactive 3D community where you have a character (known as an avatar) that enables you walk around in a 3D virtual reality community to explore, chat with others, decorate your own virtual 3D home, play games, and much more! The universe at United3D is constantly evolving, expanding with new features, more capabilities, and new worlds to visit. If you have problems, questions, or suggestions, don't hesitate to email me at admin@pcpursuits.com and/or use the 'Contact Us' button to the left, ask others once in the 3D community or leave feedback in the community.

You probably have noticed or will notice references to the site as United3D, United3D Happiness, Your Pursuit of Happiness in 3D, and more. Well, this is because the site consists of many pieces, features, and functions delivered from a variety of software products. We are always adding new content to deliver robust features to the United3D Community. The primary goal is to unite people together in a unique online experience to participate as an online community. The two main products used on this site are Blaxxun's Platform 7 Community Server to provide the 3D chat site and Wildcat! Interactive Network Server (WIN Server) Bulletin Board Service (BBS) to provide games, forums, email, and additional content. The two products are integrated together to deliver a rich set of features to the United3D Community. Here is a list of some of the many features available to all who care to join our free online community:
  • Interactive chat in either 2D or 3D
  • Ability to have your own 3D home to decorate and invite friends to visit
  • Ability to upload, sell, and/or "buy" 3D objects to be used through-out the Community (note, the references to buying and selling do not involve real money)
  • Abilty to help run the Community by talking on a virtaul job (not required but it does offer the ability to earn United3D Community Cash)
  • Send instant messages
  • Build your own photo album to share with family and friends
  • Create your on 2D or 3D Club and you control who has access
  • Participate in Online Events and Contests
  • Ability to host and share your own 3D creations with the Community
  • Utilize your personal Control Panel (My Control Panel) to change settings, manage backpack, change avatar, and more!
  • Visit and chat is dozens of online 3D places throughout the Community
  • Participate in online polls and surveys and even create your own!
  • Join in on Weekly Bingo events
  • Play Pick 3 and Pick 4 every night to win United3D Community Cash!
  • Play Lotto every week to win United3D Community Cash!
  • Play online single and multi-player games like Bingo, Poker, Scrabble, WAR, Battleships, and many more!
  • Have your own email account (username@united3d.com)
  • Online Forums!
  • Online story telling
  • Do some blogging and even create your own blog
  • Build your own website
  • Online Classified Ads to buy and sell items (this is for real money and it is free to use)
  • Full access to the United3D BBS both thru the web and via telnet
  • FREE access - no strings attached!

Some things you need to know to get started on enjoying this every evolving 3D community:

  • You must register to be able to enjoy all the benefits - registration is short, simple, no credit cards, and we do not share your information with anyone outside of our community (and even within the community your information available to other online users is limited and under your control)!
  • You must have a java enabled browser (most newer ones are)
  • It is recommended that you download and install the small Blaxxun Contact plug-in to MAXIMIZE your 3D experience HTTP download from our site!
  • Certain pop-up and spyware blockers may interfere with the site, so you will have to set them to trust this site.
  • The first pop-up is a fairly good HELP file - READ IT! It will help you understand how to do things on the site and one of the first things is selecting a character (your avatar - this is your physical representation in the 3D Community).
  • There is lots of online help so feel free to use it.
  • Most importantly, ENJOY!

Feel free to bookmark this site and visit from time to time. You can also contact the lead developer of this site by emailing me at admin@pcpursuits.com and/or using the Contact Us button to the left!